How to Choose Clothes to Accent Your Unique Figure

How to Choose Clothes to Accent Your Unique Figure

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Curvy, petite, tall, pear-shaped, boyish—all are just a few of the many different descriptive terms that we use to define the perceptions of our unique body figures. We all have our own feelings about our body type, and unique bodies with specifics that go beyond just the term “petite” or “curvy.” The key to loving your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin solely begins in learning how to dress based on your body type and using this knowledge to accentuate your unique figure.

1)     Accent your assets. This means you need to show off the great things that your mama gave you. Whether you are tall or short, if you have a great set of legs, play them up. Instead of wearing pants, wear dresses or skirts. If you are curvy, you are a lucky girl. Embrace your curves and pick out clothes that accentuate them. Finding the right pair of jeans is a great way to do so.

2)     Play up what you don’t have. We weren’t all blessed with the perfect curves, or perfect torso to lower body ratios. In this case, picking out and wearing certain clothes can give the illusion that you possess certain features, or enhance the features that you do have. For example, if you are petite, you may not have been blessed with legs that go on forever. To lengthen the look of your legs, wear miniskirts and denim or pants that have a higher rise. Low-rise denim or pants can only minimize the look of your legs.

3)     Color your body beautiful. The use of different colors can drastically help in choosing clothes to accentuate your body type. Black is the universal color for everyone, but sometimes neutrals can hide the beautiful design of our bodies. Choosing bold, vibrant colors in areas that we want to show off will draw attention to those areas.

4)     Size matters! Don’t latch on to things that are too tight in hopes that you will lose weight, and don’t dress yourself in baggy clothing that will make you feel frumpy. The size and fit of your clothes is the most important factor when it comes to dressing yourself to perfectly set off your body type. Always make sure the clothes you wear fit properly and you are comfortable in them. To have your clothes customized to get an even more perfect fit, find yourself a really good tailor or seamstress to alter your clothing to fit every curve of your body!

We were all blessed with beautiful bodies in many different shapes and forms. We also tend to alter these bodies and make modifications to our bodies to change them to what we think is “better.” However, there is nothing that is better than the bodies that we have now. To fall in love with your body and coming to accept the uniqueness of it begins and ends with finding the right clothes to show off what you have, to show off what you don’t have, and love the outfit and the body that you are in.

Tips to Developing Your Self-Esteem & Unveiling Your Inner Beauty

Tips to Developing Your Self-Esteem & Unveiling Your Inner Beauty

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As we develop and grow older in age, we also endure several different periods of self-growth throughout the span of our lives as well. This self-growth involves us growing in a sense of maturity and finding out who we are as a person. This personal journey isn’t always easy, sometimes it takes a long time to find out who we are as a person, and sometimes, we don’t truly develop a sense of self-esteem until we do find ourselves.

Your inner beauty is your personality, habits, as well as other characteristics and traits. You may not fully find our your inner beauty characteristics until you do find yourself, but these characteristics are far more important than any physical characteristics you could have. Here are a few tips to find yourself, raise your self-esteem, and unveil your inner beauty.

1)     Tell yourself why you love yourself. The characteristics that make you love yourself (your good sense of humor, honesty, dependability, etc.) fully make up the essence of your inner beauty. Reminding yourself on a daily basis all the reasons you love yourself easily develops your self-esteem. Just because you haven’t ever noticed your inner beauty, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been unveiled to others, but more importantly, unveil your inner beauty to yourself, so it can better shine and be visible to others.

2)     Accept your flaws. Developing your self-esteem means letting go of your imperfections and focusing on your strengths. Doing so will only raise the confidence you have in yourself. When we focus on the things we are not good at or what we don’t like about ourselves, we make it very difficult for any form of personal growth or self-esteem development. Be able to laugh at yourself and silly things that you don’t like about yourself. Having a sense of humor about things that might have not necessarily gone your way totally reflects your inner beauty and a sense of humbleness.

3)     Make room for more personal growth. Each year or every-so-often, sit down and make goals for your self. Taking the time to sit down and make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in the future shows your ambition and self-appreciation. Use this list to motivate your self to achieve these things, and as you complete them you will continue to develop your self-esteem and result in being a much happier person.

Acknowledging your inner beauty characteristics and the things you love about yourself is a great way to begin building your self-esteem. Really sitting down to list the things that you love about yourself is a great way to start developing self-esteem and further unveiling your inner beauty to others. Accepting your flaws and things you cannot change also helps you move forward in self-esteem development because our flaws and imperfections often hold us back in life, but understanding the things we cannot necessarily change and being able to laugh at ourselves truly lets our inner beauty shine through. Self-esteem development is an ever-changing process that we undergo year after year. If you feel as though your “self-esteem bucket” has been knocked over, try these things to fill it back up.

Slip into Your Hottest Summer Bikinis with These Weight Loss Tips

Slip into Your Hottest Summer Bikinis with These Weight Loss Tips

Hottest Summer Bikini

Everyone wants to lose weight. They want to lose the extra fats stored on their bodies and be the center of attraction at any gathering or at least be complimented every once in a while. However, with every ideal situation comes hard work and weight loss is anything but an easy desire. In terms of weight loss rules, there are no shortcuts, there is only one rule; be consistent and committed. Without following this rule, you end up keeping your excessive fats to yourself or worse; you gain more.


It’s even harder during the summer-time, when all the surf-boards come out along with beach shorts and some dazzling bikinis. Now you have to share with the rest of the world how fat you are. The situation is daunting yet, unavoidable but you still get to be the center of attraction, just not for the perfect body.


Luckily, we live in the times of great research and the hottest summers. Wearing shorts and bikinis become a must and for that many influential people have devised special weight loss tips that guarantee to work if only you swore by them religiously. These tips are no brainers, they simply include tips like healthy breakfast ideas and list of foods and exercises that matter.


Don’t Starve Yourself

Eating healthy is going to get you there. You will not gain weight but simply follow what your body needs instead of what your body does not need. The more you feed the body the latter, the more likely it is to store fats however healthy eating does not allow the body to store excessive fats, instead finishes off the one that exists in the body.


Substitute Products With Low-Carb Foods

Low-carb products are made for the shorts and bikini conscious. If you fall into the group of people who want to wow people this summer, take up low-carb and skimmed products. Full fat adds to your calories in a big way and that needs to stop. Check out for some refreshingly yummy low-carb desserts.


Choose a Workout that Suits You Best

Workouts are hard so why not turn them into something fun. Enjoying workouts is highly important otherwise you lose track of your commitment and hence your consistency. See what you like to do on a daily basis, like some serious swimming or running and promise yourself you will keep that momentum going.


Make a Routine with a Target

A fixed routine will keep those unwanted fats away from you. Fixed routines might also save you and your life from a lot of unwanted things but since we are strictly talking about looking good in the summer-time, fixed daily routines about what you eat and when you leave for your workouts will keep you going good for a couple of months. Sticking to a routine of exercising along with a nutritious diet, makes weight loss target achievable in the time that has been pre-determined. Style up your curves for flaunting the right kind of body for positive attention and appreciation. It boosts confidence levels as well.


Tips for Growing and Styling Your Facial Hair

Tips for Growing and Styling Your Facial Hair

Tips for Growing and Styling Your Facial Hair

Growing your facial hair can improve the features of your facial structure. Men, in particular, can present themselves in different ways according to their own physique and style. Whether you are a man who uses a certain type of grooming products or perhaps someone who grows facial hair naturally, you can do well with some suggestions and a little experimentation.

Facial Hair Styles

There are many different styles of facial hair grooming that men can use in order to enhance the way they look. As a matter of fact, it is not surprising to see men who grow facial hair. It has turned to be an expression of themselves. Some men even look better with their facial hair on, compared to men who do not have them. Facial hair can certainly alter the features of your face.

Starting with the most common styles of facial hair, such as full facial stubble, men can focus on accentuating their facial features, for example, their cheekbones. This style is perfect on men who have rectangular or oval shaped face. This is also one of the most popular choices among many men these days.

Another type of facial hair style is called the ‘five o’clock shadow’ look. This is perfect for men who would want to appear masculine and rugged. By growing a full, thick beard, men can strut a hip, modern look. To style your facial hair, consider first your preferences, and not just according to what you see on other people.

Growing Your Facial Hair

Before you get to the point where you can style your hair, the first thing that you need to focus on is growing your facial hair to a length where styling becomes possible. This calls for the need to take care of your hair in the same way that you care for the hair on your head. This means making sure that the products you use on your face are mild, and free from components that can also affect the growth of your facial hair.

To see which facial hair style fits your face, why don’t you check some magazines showing different celebrity facial hair styles? For sure you will be able to get an idea on which hair style will look best on you. Also, you will get some tips on how to take care of your facial hair so that it can grow healthy.

For instance, men who appear to have triangular shaped face find it challenging to select the facial hair style for them. However, by choosing a chin strap style, their facial hair will cover the chin area, just like donning a Van Dyke beard. The latter has already been worn by different celebrities who would want to create an impacting statement to the public. It is the perfect debonair look that complements well on the facial structure of men with triangular shaped faces. Whether you decide to grow a mustache or a beard, taking note of the abovementioned tips can help you grow your facial hair easily.

7 Ways to Look Elegant Without Spending a Fortune

7 Ways to Look Elegant Without Spending a Fortune

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Many women think that looking elegant comes with an expensive price tag. Yes, those with money can buy their way toward a sophisticated look. Many who come from well-off families are naturally elegant because of the way they dress, speak, and carry themselves. However, not having a fat bank account doesn’t mean you can’t also look like a rich and famous celebrity.
Below is my compilation of 7 surefire ways you can boost your elegance without burning a hole into your pocket:

1. Accessorize minimally

From observation and experience, I’ve learned to keep my accessories to a minimum when accentuating my outfit. This is especially crucial when you’re already wearing fancy clothes or loud prints.
If you don’t have real jewelry, you can settle for stainless ones. The shimmer can still fade, though, but you can always replace classic-designed pieces because they don’t cost as much as those made with genuine precious metals.
When wearing fashion accessories, go for solid colors and don’t put on a lot. Choose belts and bags in neutral colors and without too much embellishment.

2. Wear natural-looking make-up

Natural-looking make-up is a foolproof way of having a fresh and beautiful appearance that suits an elegant woman. When you have make-up that’s too dark, too colorful, or too thick, it will be difficult to achieve that refined look you desire.

3. Avoid clothes that are too revealing

There are some ladies who can pull off revealing clothes and still manage to look chic and classy. However, it can be quite risky. If you’re dead set on looking like a well-dressed heiress, it’s more advisable to stay away from blouses with plunging necklines, super short skirts and dresses, and backless tops that are more suitable for the beach.

4. Choose neutral colors, pastels, and earth tones

I once consulted a fashion designer friend and one of my former neighbors who used to work as a stylist. They both agree that choosing clothes and accessories in neutral colors, pastels, and earth tones is highly recommended for accomplishing an elegant appearance. It’s much harder to work out the look when you always go for bright hues and huge colorful prints.

5. Wear classic high heels

Every time I want to look extra sophisticated, I wear classic high heels. These heels come in various designs so to be on the safe side, you ought to go with traditional stilettos or stylish options that are either closed or peep-toed. They can make even the simplest ensemble seem more fashionable and elegant, not to mention make you appear taller, more appealing, and more confident.

6. Keep your hair tame

Another tip you should always apply is to keep your hair tame. This means wearing it up in a clean bun, fixing it in a tousled but neat hairdo, or letting your locks cascade down your shoulders naturally. If you have frizzy or kinky hair, it would be good to always apply leave in conditioner to enhance the luster and softness of your tresses. And even if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly in a healthy way, stylists would still suggest that you make use of this conditioner to avoid tangles. Great hair is essential in looking glamorous, so better select the best leave in conditioner in the market to help you out.

7. Act like a princess

Lastly, you should learn how to act like a princess— with finesse and grace. Practice walking like a supermodel and improving your self-confidence too. The way you stand, the gestures you use, and the manner in which you enter a room are all important in making people see you as an elegant woman.
Of course while following these tips, you must never forget who you really are. Improving your grace and beauty should make you a better person, but not necessarily a different one.

Five Ways to Look Trendy in the Spring

Five Ways to Look Trendy in the Spring

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Now that we have winter behind us, the temperatures are heating up and we no longer have to bundle up when we go outside. Seasons always directly affect the contents of our wardrobe, and we constantly have to make the switch as each season arrives and departs. For the spring and summer months, making this switch is worth it just to be done with the cold, frigid months for a while. To update your spring wardrobe, here are five ways to look trendy in the spring season.

1)     Always have transition pieces. These pieces carry you from season to season and look good no matter what the temperatures are. These are typically layering pieces and denim. Dressy or casual t-shirts, denim, and lightweight sweaters will never go out of style and are all great items to always have in your closet

2)     Sport the season’s hottest colors. Color trends will always change from season to season, so stay up to date on the color and even color combinations that fashion experts are raving about. Turquoise and coral have been highly sought after colors season after season, and are both beautiful shades that look fabulous on everyone.

3)     Pick the perfect pattern. Don’t stick to plain neutrals, spring is the best time to update your outfit with some colorful patterns. Floral prints are classic and the perfect way to welcome the blooms of spring back into the world! Check out Elle Magazine’s take on spring floral prints at  Colorful gingham plaid shirts are also great for spring. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns to. Simple, non-busy patterns like polka dots and stripes go great together!

4)     Fun, fearless flats are your go-to shoe option this spring. Take an alternate approach to the basic ballet flat and go for something a little more different and daring. This can mean picking out your favorite flat in a bright, vibrant color, or purchasing a different style. Pairing flats with skinny jeans and a top, shorts, or dresses is an effortlessly chic look for spring.

5)     Update your closet with fresh accessories. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy an entire new wardrobe as the temperatures begin to rise. Simply updating your accessories for the spring can be a great modification to your closet and a good way to be trendy in the spring. Invest in some lightweight, vibrant scarves to pair with basic t-shirts or sundresses. Handbags and clutches are also accessories to update each season. Find yourself the ultimate spring bag or fun clutches to pair with your favorite spring outfits.

Spring is an exciting time for us all. The seasons are changing, flowers and trees are blooming, it’s warm outside, and we are that much closer to the blissful warmth of summer. It’s truly a happy time for us all and we find ourselves ready to shed our winter clothing layers early and ready to bust out our shorts. Don’t get lost in the seasonal transition—keeping your wardrobe up-to-date for each season will always leave you looking great in the season’s latest trends.